• Healing



    1 session including an online meeting and healing.  100 euro 3 sessions  240 euro 8 sessions  640 euro You can reserve a free 15 minute online meeting with Evita Myriam to discuss which package is required for your healing.
  • Know Your Purpose


    Know Your Purpose

      Full arithmosophy   120 euro Life Path & Maturity  50 euro 9 year cycle              50 euro 15 year events          50 euro  Purpose & Mission    50 euro

    In this 3 week program, we shall seek, find and transform ourselves in 3 weekly workshops for 3 weeks. You will be also given a daily 7 minute audio to maintain your vibration.
    All sessions will be recorded and sent to you.
    Full program 120 euro.
    Payment plan, 40 euro per week. 
    Starting January 8th.
  • 150 euro This is the distillation of all ancient wisdom related to the spiritual science of self knowledge. At a private online meeting with Evita Myriam you will have the blueprint of your life interpreted for you

    697.00   full 6 week program. A 3 instalment payment plan is available. You can select payment at the options below. You may pay 297 euro in advance, and then two instalments of 200 euro each, after three weeks and 40 days post registration. Or you may contact Evita Myriam at evitamyriam1111@gmail.com for a payment plan to suit you
  • Full program and chart 180 euro

    Once you purchase this program, please email evitamyriam1111@gmail.com the day and month of your birth, so that your Cycles’ chart can be drafted.
  • Mystery school of arithmosophy


    Mystery school of arithmosophy

    Six month membership 96 euro. Monthly payment 16 euro
  • One on one



    1 session 150 euro 2 sessions 270 euro 3 sessions 360 euro More sessions can be arranged until a project is completed. The price for a package of 4 sessions or more is at 120 euro per session. You can contact Evita Myriam at evitamyriam1111@gmail.com or reserve a free 15 minute online meeting to discuss your requirements and find the right program for you.
  • One to one – Private guidance

    One Private Online Meeting with Evita Myriam        150 euro
    Three Private Online Meetings with Evita Myriam.        325 euro

    According to esoteric knowledge, there are periods within the year when you will thrive if you begin something, and periods that are best left for learning and similar activities.
    Being guided to knowing your personal divine timing, which is the same for each year will help you make your every move in alignment to the forces that affect you.

  • Pranic Healing

    Pranic Healing session. 100 euro.   Pranic Healing program 250 euro   Pranic Healing, is a method of no touch energy healing which has been formulated by the Founder of Pranic Healing and Arhatic Yoga, Grand Master Choa Kok Sui.
  • 995.00  life coaching fee This journey will not only be an amazing travel to the island where St John wrote the Apocalypse, but an inner journey to find your purpose, and to renew yourself and raise your vibration to a new level of joy and great vitality.


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