Are you single? Are you in a relationship that does not make you happy? Turn the situation by becoming a love magnet for your partner, or finding new love.

Attracting the right partner is not a matter of a search, does not depend on your being very sociable. All you have to do is have an aura that will attract the right person for you.

In this workshop we will use energy techniques that are safe and beautiful to remove all negative energies from your aura that prevent you from finding exactly what you are looking for.

The universe will only send you what you radiate. Together we will examine what blocks you and liberate you from bondage to solitude or fear of commitment, failure, rejection.

Then you will visualise the ideal life partner or the ideal relationship with your husband or wife, and lift the bar of expectations to your true heart’s desires. You will find self worth and energise your desire for a loving partner so that it manifests faster.

The workshop will be on Saturday June 24, at 3pm – 5pm NY EST, or 9pm -11pm Rome CET.

Translation in Spanish will be available. Recordings will be sent to all who register.


Attracting Love. 50 euro