Pranic Facelifting

I am an experienced Pranic Healer and can remove all stress from your face. The session contains Pranic Psychotherapy so you will also feel fresh, lighter, rejuvenated. I can take a decade or more off your face, give you a smoother, fuller skin, better contour, fuller lips, faded wrinkles, and generally a glowing golden look.


1 Face lifting session (1 to 1 1/2 hour).  330 euro

4 Face Lifting sessions .  1200 euro

A tired face that has lost its glow is the outcome of negative emotions. Anger can remove beauty faster than anything else.

Negative thoughts and emotions affect our energy body as much as heavy and unclean food does.
Wrinkles, saggy skin, dropped eyelids, puffed eyes, a wavy jawline can be drastically improved in little time, completely naturally, painlessly and relatively inexpensively.

Pranic Face lifting has amazing immediate results, removing a decade or more from the face, leaving the client glowing. The wrinkles fade or disappear, the skin tightens, the eye puffiness usually disappears and the shape of the face improves.

The patient feels inner peace and is balanced. Pranic Face Lift includes Cellular Psychotherapy.

I am an experienced Pranic Healer and can give you a fresh, beautiful, glowing face!

Suggested course: The course of our action depends on what you want. Do you wish for a face lift that will last for a long time, or do you wish for a lifting before you go to a party or special event?

Preparation for a session
If you wish to go to that party looking 10 years or 15 years younger, then you can take a Pranic Face Lift the day before.
The healing is done on Zoom, so that Evita Myriam can see the progress of the healing, and your face and neck must be free from any makeup, recently cleaned. Your hair must be away from your face.Your bust must also be clean and you need to not do any make up nor touch your face or bust until next morning.
If your partner wishes to be intimate you must refrain from kissing and much activity near your face.

The next morning you will look even better! The healing progressively improves and it stabilises in about two days.

For longer lasting results (which may last about a year or more) a set of 4 healings is required, one healing per  week.
One healing has long lasting results but the patient must refrain from intense anger and from alcohol and substances abuse.
As Pranic Face Lifting is also Psychotherapeutic, a set of 4 healings may bring a positive change in your life additionally to the beauty of your face.

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