Pranic Psychotherapy

I can help you heal anxiety, panic attacks, depression, phobias, trauma, addictions.  One healing session may be extremely beneficial but for most psychological problems a set of healings is usually needed. If you need to have guidance and healing combined, then four healing sessions on Zoom are an ideal set for you.

Options including guidance online

One 75 min healing session on Zoom  330 euro

One month (four 75 min healing sessions) on Zoom  1200 euro

Options for distant healing sessions

One distant healing  session   150 euro

3 distant healing sessions 420

1 month of healing (8 healing sessions) 1070 euro

Daily healing for 1 month     2,200 euro

Payment plan is available. Please contact me at

Pranic Healing can relieve stress, anxiety, fear, heal phobias, trauma, panic attacks. It can reduce anger hatred and depression. It can heal addictions, purify your aura and home or office and protect you from unwholesome energies.
I can guide you to understand the root cause of your ailments and heal you by removing the negative, dirty energies from your chakras, or energy centres, aura and surroundings. Pranic Healing has techniques that can help you balance your emotions and transform you by infusing your energy body with inner peace, love, joy and a good self esteem.

Patients with depression that consider harming themselves can be saved by the healing of their energy body and especially by the purification and energising of their basic chakra with energies of life and joy which make it impossible for the patient to go ahead and take their own lives.

Patients with anxiety attacks and insomnia can heal. My expertise is both on healing and on arithmosophy. I have extensive knowledge in various spiritual sciences. Helping you find your purpose in life helps you navigate life’s crises and heal panic attacks.

Awareness is a very important ingredient for permanent healing. Pranic Healing helps remove the energies that obstruct awareness and the negative emotions, so that the patient can more easily face the root cause of the problem and deal with it safely. Inner peace and happiness are possible for all.

The definition of optimal health is the free flow of energy through all the thousands of meridians that run through the body, the energy channels that allow the flow of nourishing life throughout our body. The removal of unwholesome energies that block those channels and the replenishment of the affected areas with fresh prana can heal.

Difficult cases

Bi polar disorder can be held at bay or heal if the patient receives a daily short healing for two years. Pranic Healing is energy healing and in energy we all are part of a Oneness that allows us to perform distant healing with the same outcome as if we were in the same room with the patient.

Manic depression, depression and  panic attacks can heal. Healing success is not guaranteed but my rate of success is very high.

Serious addictions can be healed and the energy body and space of the patient be shielded from the temptation to fall back to the habit.
A firm decision on the patient’s part helps heal faster.

Pranic Psychotherapy can remove low self esteem and inner obstacles that keep us small and inert. It is used in the  healing of relationships, businesses, pets.

One healing may produce inner peace, balance and happiness that will persist. Some ailments require more than one session as the body needs to get used to the new state of good health and stop reproducing the self destructive patterns replacing them with fresh healing energy.

Suggested course: After an initial all inclusive and thorough healing with Zoom meeting, or a healing without Zoom meeting but with some email or other exchange for more information regarding the diagnosis, a set of healings will be suggested to the patient according to the outcome of the first healing.
In case there is no diagnosis, healing works as well and safely, and the patient experiences wellness, inner peace and relief.  The cause of the health problem is often found and the patient is advised to visit a psychotherapist or psychiatrist in case the symptoms persist.



Evita Myriam is paid for her time and for her dedication to healing her patients. Healing cannot be guaranteed, as results depend upon the patient’s receptivity to the healing and to the healer and to karmic factors. Evita Myriam is not responsible for any adverse effects that may result from the healing, and although she has never had any patient who had adverse reactions, it is a possibility and it depends entirely upon the patient’s receptivity or habits.


After payment, you will receive an email for making an appointment within the next few days.

If the symptoms are severe and you need urgent treatment please email for a quick and if possible immediate response.


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