Purpose & Plan

Discover your Purpose and Plan via Arithmosophy and know yourself deeply. This is a program of short prerecorded audios that will guide you to calculate your Arithmosophy and listen to the interpretations of your numbers by Evita Myriam.

The depth and accuracy of this program is such that almost every word will strike home!


Numbers have each a set of qualities. It is almost impossible for one person to have all the qualities of their numbers. It is advisable that you open your mind to receive the information and allow your intuition to guide you for deeper understanding.





Purpose and Plan Program 125 euro.

Do you wish to know your Life’s Purpose and Plan? Did you know that there are spiritual sciences for self knowledge?

Pythagoras, the Father of Mathematics and Arithmosophy, said that there are Namemakers in the Higher Planes, who name us before we are born, and that by that name we may know our Purpose and divine Plan.

He said that ”All truth can be obtained through numbers”.


Contents of Purpose and Plan


In this Purpose & Plan Program, through these sciences, you will find your Life Path and Purpose, your Soul’s desires, your Destiny, what you are here to do, and who you will become at about the age of 49.

You will find your Pythagoras’ Arrows, a super accurate character assessment in a flash, that will guide you for better relations with others and with yourself. 

You will discover Your Divine Timing, the positive forces and challenges of every year of your life, every cycle, and would learn to neutralize the challenges. 

You will have access to audios of Guided Visualizations that will help you un clutter from all false goals that were given to you by society, your family and friends, and from glamours created by films and advertising. You will then be able to have a clear view of your true goals, and help you make the puzzle of your life that lies deeply into your heart come together.

The Guided Visualizations will help you manifest faster, because the energies of your soul will be flowing unobstructed into the right fields of thought and action.

This program is composed of a number of prerecorded very short workshops that will help you know all your arithmosophy and then go directly to your numbers without having to know the meaning of everything else. This will help you better focus on yourself which you shall be uncovering.

 It will provide you with a huge shortcut to self awareness and give you solutions for every challenge. You will become aware of where you are in life, your present phase and of what lies ahead. 

It will help you manifest your heart’s desires and realign you with your soul. 

This program has been carefully designed by Evita Myriam to recalibrate you to the right direction of your true Purpose and Plan.

It is simple, easy, and a 10 year old can do it effortlessly. It requires 1+2 =3 level of additions and calculations that you can easily do with your phone calculator for safety. 

“Purpose & Plan” Program comes at a very affordable price for most budgets, so that many many people can benefit.


Evita Myriam is a Pythagorean, a Pranic Healer and Arhatic Yogi who has combined her knowledge from various spiritual sciences, to take you through this journey in a simple path of integrity.

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