I can help you or your elderly loved ones have a much better quality of life, in some cases even pause degenerative illnesses or reverse them.  I can help alleviate suffering and keep the elderly in a good condition, heal the emotions and raise the energy levels or soothe and help them be peaceful. The first healing usually shows the possible outcome of this healing service. The initial meeting on Zoom with the patient or the patient’s relatives is suggested.

Daily healing for a month is suggested for terminally ill patients who are in great pain. It is possible that the patient has great  relief from the pain and lives a near to normal day and night for the 24 hours after the healing.



1 healing session on Zoom  330 euro

1 distant healing session   150 euro

1 month of healing (8 healing sessions) 1070 euro

Daily healing for 1 month  2,200 euro

Payment plan available. Please contact me at


Watching our parents and grandparents age does not have to be traumatic. Our wish to help them have a good, pain free life can be fulfilled through Pranic Healing. Their memory and inner peace may improve, blood pressure regulated, urinary system healed to a great extent, vitality and happiness restored.

Heart ailments may altogether heal through Pranic Healing. Macular degeneration may pause or be reversed, according to the receptivity and emotional habits of the patient. Dementia may also be paused or reversed if caught at an early stage, and at a later stage the patient may find inner peace through healing.

The main factor that decides the course of the above difficult illnesses is how fixed is the patient to their personality, their habits, emotional and actual.

For example if a patient has macular degeneration, Pranic Healing may improve the patient’s eyesight with every session but anger will half ruin or entirely ruin the healing’s results and bring the problem back. Anger, intense self hatred, the inability to forgive are the causes for some very harsh illnesses.


Maintenance is a service that allows your beloved elderly parents or grandparents have a much better quality of life. According to their health status, maintaining their energy and health at good levels may vary from one healing per month to two per week.

The patient continues to do check ups and whatever comes up is treated accordingly. The patient or the daughter or son of the patient must remain in contact with me via WhatsApp for updates after check ups and for any emergencies, such as falls etc.
In the event of an emergency I will try to be always available, regardless of the timezone difference and the time.

My constant care and great availability is part of my service to my clients.



Evita Myriam is paid for her time and for her dedication to healing her patients. Healing cannot be guaranteed, as results depend upon the patient’s receptivity to the healing and to the healer, and to karmic factors. Evita Myriam is not responsible for any adverse effects that may result from the healing, and although she has never had any patient who had adverse reactions, it is a possibility and it depends entirely upon the patient’s receptivity or habits.

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