Healing Your Pet

Your beloved pet may not be able to speak but I can “hear” it. Energy does not lie, your pets may be healed or helped so as to have a pain free, happy life.


One distant healing. 150 euro

3 healing sessions distant. 440 euro

1 month of healing (8 healing sessions) . 1070 euro

Payment plan available. Please contact me at evitamyriam1111@gmail.com

Animals are especially receptive to Pranic Healing. I have healed a great number of animals of all kinds and animals usually trust and love me.

Dogs and cats are so receptive that one healing can work miracles.

One example is of a dog who had lung cancer, received a healing and lived another year in a very good condition, then as his “mommy” left him at a family member to go on vacation he fell in a paralysed state, his eyes paralysed as well.
He then received a distant healing from me and got up instantly, lively like a puppy.

Another example is of a street cat that could not be caught who had broken his leg. I gave him a healing and the next day the cat walked normally.

Difficult cases

Kalaazar can be healed but not always. It depends on factors that are truly mysterious, more likely in the inner will of the animal to live.

Pet owners must agree to be healed as well for their pet to be healed of a difficult illness. This is considered to be one healing with no extra charge, as a form of service.

Pet owners must re examine the food, habits and root cause of the illness of their pet and also grow in self awareness for a happy life for both. Animals often absorb our negative energies and become ill.

Healing is performed distantly and a photo of the animal may be shown for Evita Myriam to know the animal a little before the healing.



Evita Myriam is paid for her time and for her dedication to healing her patients. Healing cannot be guaranteed, as results depend upon the patient’s receptivity to the healing and to the healer, and to karmic factors that relate to the pet owner. Evita Myriam is not responsible for any adverse effects that may result from the healing, and although she has never had any patient who had adverse reactions, it is a possibility and it depends entirely upon the patient’s receptivity or habits, or on the pet owner’’s receptivity to the healing.

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