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Evita Myriam presents to you POLLUX, a complete guide to discovering your Purpose and Plan according to Pythagorean Arithmosophy.

This book has a spiritual approach to happiness and the attainment of a life of purpose in alignment with your Soul. According to the Great Pythagoras, there are Namemakers in the Higher Planes who name us before incarnation so that we may know our Purpose and Plan by the numbers that our name contains.

We are all unique and have a special mission in life, as mundane as our routine may seem. The moment we become aware of our purpose, everything in our life makes sense, and we begin to live in the flow of the beneficial energies coming from our own Soul.

This book, besides being a workbook towards helping you discover your own Purpose and Plan, it contains unique first time ever published discoveries by Evita Myriam using a method she has named Esoteric Arithmosophy, which prove that there is a Divine Design, that the Angelic Kingdom exists and that the Namemakers on the Higher Planes are real, also validating with simple yet astounding Proofs why Pythagoras claimed Symmetry to be of Divine Design.

In this book you will know what palindromes mean, and understand what the universe is telling you when you see an 11:11 or 12:12 number.

Arithmosophy is the spiritual science for self Knowledge, the gate to Initiation, and to the manifestation of our heart’s desires.
This book will show you what you are here to do, what is your path, your soul’s wishes, your character, your Pythagoras’ Arrows.
You will know the positive forces and challenges of each of your life’s cycles, and learn how to neutralise the challenges.
You will discover the qualities of events of each year, and understand how best to learn life’s lessons for a joyful, successful life.

We are all unique. Arithmosophy will help you discern and intuit your uniqueness and heal your life through awareness.


POLLUX is available in excellent quality paperback form which contains a workbook section for your arithmosophy notes and the timetable for your entire lifetime.

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