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POLLUX full program 697 euro. Early bird offer ending August 8th, 495 euro

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Pay 195 euro now and make three payments of 100 euro each by August 8th, September 8th and October 8th.
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Permanent change comes from awareness. The most potent healing is through knowledge. Knowledge heals fear, removes inner blockages, infuses with hope, guides and strengthens.

If you wish for true change, you need to know yourself deeply, and to spend time in finding your life’s purpose and in setting goals that will liberate you from strife and an uncreative life.


Arithmosophy is what according to Pythagoras elevates numbers to their meaning. It is the spiritual science for self knowledge. It can show us who we are, what we are here to do, and when our life’s forces will come into play.


In this profound 7 two hour workshop program, you will find out all there is to know about your Plan, you will have proof of a Plan for each of us, and you will be guided into simple yet deep techniques to eliminate fear, trauma, low self esteem and all inner obstacles that prevent you from having the divine plan manifest for you.

You will be guided to profound visualisations that will lead you to your heart’s desires and you will spend time forming a clear and realistic plan which we will energise for faster manifestation.

All false goals will become obsolete by this mental spring cleaning and you will have your hopes and dreams renewed and illumined.


How does this work?

Our name is like a code containing all the information of our Life’s Purpose and Plan. Such are the Teachings of the Great Pythagoras, Father of Mathematics and Great Spiritual Teacher, and of Lord Djwhal Kuhl, or the Great Tibetan Master.

In this 7 – workshop program, you will uncover your Purpose through arithmosophy but also a number of other spiritual sciences. The puzzle of your life will come together and you will have new and profound insights into your Life’s Plan.

Your Life Path illumined

You will explore your Life’s Path, find your Soul’s desires, take a close look at your Personality, find out the qualities that will determine your Transformation and shape you at Maturity, and discover your Life’s Purpose, that which you are here to do. You will learn which are your Pythagoras’ Arrows, the karmic traits that you must balance for a happy life, learning a method of character assessment that will show you how to Heal Your Relationships.

You will create a map of your Divine Timing, see your 4 major Life Cycles and their positive forces and challenges, and see how to neutralise those. You will see the Timetable of Your Life and understand the potencies of events of each year and what these mean for your Growth and Development.

You will learn the esoteric meaning of your Soul’s Mission through your Labor of Hercules, and your Sacred Geography, the places where your mission blooms.


Energy healing techniques for the removal of Inner Obstacles and for Manifestation

Half of each workshop will be used to Remove Inner Obstacles from your aura through energy techniques and then to Visualise the Purpose that lies deep in your heart, and to set and energise clear new goals for quick manifestation.


Recordings will be sent to you after each workshop.

The workshops will be interactive, and open to your questions.


The topics of the workshops are

Life Path

Soul, Personality, Destiny and Attainment

Your 4 Major Life Cycles

Pythagoras’ Arrows

Timetable of Your Life

Your Labour of Hercules and Sacred Geography

Personal Year and Synthesis – Energising Your Plan

The Pollux Program includes a free copy of the Pollux book by Evita Myriam, which also contains a workbook of the Program,
And a short audio for the maintenance of your high vibration and positive outlook, which is suggested for daily use.

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