Align With Your Purpose

and Heal Your Life

Evita Myriam

“Knowing yourself is the only way to permanent change”

Meaningful gifts for great holidays!

This year, offer loving awareness, show your loved ones the way. If they are young, cast light upon their life’s purpose, and if they are old, give them the most precious gift for the age of self reflection: understanding.

Help your loved ones take a gentle look upon their lives, and discover that all has happened for a good reason. Help them find their life’s meaning.

Give your friends who are at a crossroads clear guidance through their Soul’s mission.

Give yourself the gift of self forgiveness, self understanding, self love. Appreciate your life by knowing your path.

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Purpose & Plan

Do you wish to know your Life’s Purpose and Plan?
Did you know that there are spiritual sciences for self knowledge?

Pythagoras, the Father of Mathematics and Arithmosophy, said that there are
Namemakers in the Higher Planes, who name us before we are born,
and that by that name we may know our Purpose and divine Plan.

He said that ”All truth can be obtained through numbers”.

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Private Services

“Miracles are fantastic events which utilize hidden laws of Nature that most people
are not aware of. Miracles do not break the laws of Nature, they are actually based on them.”

Grand Master Choa Kok Sui

Liberation and healing

The Liberation and Healing Program is a holistic approach to every aspect of your life, and it consists of:

  • 6 one hour private online meetings with Evita Myriam, that will focus on healing your life on every level.
    During these meetings, you will receive Pranic Healing if the emphasis of your issues is on healing.
  • A 10 minute audio file for your daily use, that will raise your vibration and help you start the day with energy and inner peace. This will change every week, according to your needs and progress.
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Transformation requires deep purification, nurturing and attention.
The Chrysalis program is a 12 – healing  program designed to take you to your goal.
It is  comprised of 12 private online meetings with Evita Myriam, during which you will receive guidance and healing.
This program will give you the full advantage of guidance in a detailed path,using the knowledge of your Divine Timing, as well as esoteric arithmosophy and Pranic Healing.

This complete program, which gives you the time necessary to heal and manifest major change,,is based on the Triad.
The Divine Light aspect is awareness through your personal arithmosophy. DIvine Love is Healing of your body,
emotions, mind, and Soul. Divine Will is the disintigration of all negative emotions, anxiety, fears, low self esteem., and
the building of a positive future. You will be guided to find purpose, balance and to shine.

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Mystery School of Arithmosophy

“All Truth can be obtained through numbers”


“…the intended life or immediate soul purpose for this incarnation. …holds the secret of the future and presents
the force which, rightly used, will lead the man to success. It represents the sattvic or harmony aspect of life
and can produce right relationship between soul and personality in any one incarnation…”

The Tibetan Master

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Esoteric Arithmosophy is an ancient method of
Pythagorean arithmosophy, by which we may
calculate all that we wish to know and see what
has the same potencies.

Evita Myriam has discovered a series of Proofs
that demonstrate the existence of Namemakers
in the Higher Planes, who name us before we
are born, thus encoding our life’s blueprint in
our name.

She has also discovered a Proof that validates
the existence of the Angelic Kingdom, and
many other supportive Proofs by which we
may corroborate the validity, timing and origin
of sacred texts and names.

The app “Esoteric Arithmosophy Thoth” created
by Evita Myriam, includes a word calulator with
which you can calculate by this ancient method,
and is available at Apple and Google. stores.

The seminar “Your divine purpose -Esoteric Arithmosophy”, explains the awesome Proofs simply, and requires no knowledge of mathematics,. It also demonstrates the ways in which the app can be used for guidance, with safety and without programming you.

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Welcome to the Mystery school of Arithmosophy


Become a member of the Mystery School of Arithmosophy

Access your sacred inheritance and unravel the great Mysteries that have been available to the seeker for eons .
This membership is for one major seminar per month,and all additional free sessions that Evita Myriam may be offering.
As a member of the Mystery School of Arithmosophy, you will learn about your Divine Timing, your Dharma, the One
Great Truth, ancient healing techniques and Mysteries, meditation techniques and manifestation principles.
During seminars you will be able to ask questions. Recordings will be sent to all members who cannot attend live.

Here is what you say about us.

“I am fascinated by arithmosophy! I’ve been using the Esoteric Arithmosophy Thoth app for almost a year, and continue to be amazed by the synchronicities. It’s helped me understand just how important some people and activities are for me; connected the dots between others; and given me hours of fun playing in the numbers of my life. By understanding these linkages, I make better decisions on where to invest my time and efforts, and things just seem to flow more easily. Arithmosophy is an amazing tool”.

Alison Kritzer
“I truly believe that in the search of seeking to know thyself a person understands more and more about who they are and accepts their choices as soul lessons instead of judging choices as good or bad. Having a session with Evita not only helps one to gain steps and insight on knowing thyself better but her beautiful spirit and bright disposition is so uplifting and inspiring that I can’t imagine anyone leaving a session with her without being affected in a positive and amazing way. I highly recommend her services. I’m grateful to have connected to such a beautiful soul!”
Felisha Beverly.

“Thank you, thank you, thank you!
Thank you for the amazing work and care. You are doing your analysis with love and guidance, wanting the best for each of us.
I hope you will be able to help others more and more, and to spread spirituality and loving kindness in the heart of mankind.”

Yasmine Sinno

“Every single thing that you are talking about is striking home!!! I am so thankful. I have been “resting” trying to assimilate all that I ‘ve learned. I am thoroughly enjoying the session!!!! Thank you.
I use your app constantly. It has helped me navigate some tough choices in life. I am very grateful for you Evita.”

Ada Adams

“Evita Myriam is a master in her subject and her analyses are deep and very crisp.
I have loved learning arithmosophy from her sessions.
Arithmosophy is an ancient science and can help us decode wisdom about our lives and answer some immediate questions.”

Sargam Misra

“Evita’s powerful psychotherapy sessions helped me turn around absolute inner apathy and despair into a state of hope, focus and commitment. Since then I have been able to work on myself, set realistic goals, and start changing my life circumstances by focusing on changing myself”.

Divya Sharma

“In a very trying time for me and my beloved horse Secret, who because of his age had some serious and lasting problems with his digestive system, Evita proved herself to be a tremendous help not only as a healer for Secret’s problems, but also as a person who genuinely cared about him, making me feel like I had one more person in my corner, fighting with me”.

Evgenia Brezetou & Secret,