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May 2023 of New Beginnings

In Esoteric Arithmosophy, May has always the same esoteric number as every April. This year May 2023 is 6776 Other names and words with the number 6776 (from Greek and English calculations which bring similar or related potencies) are : April 2023 (see what started in April) Archon Gabriel (books, prosperity) Blessings by the [...]

May 2023 of New Beginnings2023-05-02T12:21:03+00:00


This is a six week program of esoteric arithmosophy and other spiritual sciences for deep self knowledge, of Pranic Healing, Pranic Psychotherapy Healing, and Raising Your Vibration methods that will help you align with your purpose and manifest major positive change in your life. Liberation and healing is designed to help you find [...]

LIBERATION AND HEALING2021-04-09T06:03:03+00:00


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