Business Alchemy

Your business has energy. It is composed of the energy of your physical, emotional and mental body, of the energy of your bank accounts, your properties, and your partners. Also, of the energy of the date of the opening of your business, and the locations of your offices, factories or stores.

Based on her expertise on the spiritual sciences, such as Pranic Feng Shui, Pranic Spiritual Business Management, Vastu, Pythagorean arithmosophy, Secret Sacred Geography and more, Evita Myriam can optimise the success of your business.

Your business properties can have their energy corrected for maximum prosperity. 

You may find your ideal timing for starting new projects, when to prepare, when to market, when to sign contracts, and all you need to know.

You may restrategize based on the synthesis of information from your own or/and your CEOs’ personal strengths and timing, to the information deriving from dates and locations in relation to your business.


Find ideal dates, cities, countries for expansion.

Assess employees, and position them accordingly.

Evaluate partnerships, and opposition.

Clean and energise all your homes, properties, possessions. 

Heal yourself physically, emotionally and mentally for maximum success.


You can receive substantial guidance during an initial online meeting with Evita Myriam.

During the 2 hour meeting, you will receive valuable information and assess your problem areas and discuss solutions.

Also you will be able to ascertain what more can be accomplished according to the level of your business.

Huge or start up, remember that knowledge is power.

It is all about energy. If your business is loaded with fresh, good energy then this will manifest as prosperity.*

If there is stagnation, then decay will eventually come.

As when you use a remote control to open a garage gate, and can see that there is energy by its effect on the gate, so it is with all energy.

Restore the energy levels and you will see it by the outcome.

*The universal law of karma or cause and effect has always the greatest role in your success. Yet even this can be partially neutralised by targeted action. 

*The universal law of karma or cause and effect has always the greatest role in your success. Yet even this can be partially neutralised by targeted action.

Private online 2 hour meeting with Evita Myriam 350 euro.


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