The Blueprint of Your Life will give you a deep understanding of your life and purpose, and help youvunclutter your life of all false goals.

Created upon the Pythagorean spiritual science principles and methods of Arithmosophy, this program will give you an accurate map of your life purpose, life plan, timing and life events, without programing you.
It will help you intuite and bring together your life’s puzzle, and you will acquire clarity beyond your expectations, because it will simply be accurate.

The workshops of this program are recorded in short videos, so that you will be able to go to the video of your numbers directly.


Your Life Path (purpose), Soul influence (heart’s desires), Personality, Destination and Attainment (Maturity)numbers and their meanings.

Your 4 major life cycles, the positive forces and challenges and how to neutralize them.

Your Pythagoras’ arrows, assessing character in an uncannily accurate way, in a flash. Being able to see what you need to work on.

Your Labor of Hercules. Your Soul’s mission, based on the labor of your ascendant, or rising sign.

Your Divine Timing. The Timetable of your life’s events, based on your name.
You will be able to see the qualities of events of each year of your life. You will acquire a better understanding of the past and of what is required of you in the future.

Your Personal Year. The phase you are in right now, within your 9 year cycle of creativity.

Full program 250 euro


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