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  • Healing

    Payment plan is available. Below are the five types of healing sessions you may purchase here: 1 Healing w/Zoom meeting 330 euro. A 1 hour 15 min private Zoom call and healing that includes discussing and seeking the root cause of the ailment and then performing healing. This Is especially suggested for patients who require Pranic psychotherapy and most ailments related to anxiety. It is ideal for all patients as awareness is the way to permanent change. 1 Healing no call 220 euro.  A distant healing by appointment after having discussed briefly the ailment via email or texting. 3 Healings 500 euro. 1 month of healing – (8 healing sessions) 1200 euro.  This is a standard set which heals many types of illnesses. Daily Healing 1 month – 2200 euro.  This is ideal for those who need daily purification such as bi polar disorder patients, cancer patients who are in pain and all patients who need support
  • 150 euro This is the distillation of all ancient wisdom related to the spiritual science of self knowledge. At a private online meeting with Evita Myriam you will have the blueprint of your life interpreted for you
  • Arithmosophy

    My passion is to help you find your Purpose and discover your Plan using Pythagorean Arithmosophy and other spiritual sciences. I can help you discover what you are here to do, help you form a plan and Strategize for quick and successful manifestation. Options One 75 minute session on Zoom    330 euro Half an hour session on Zoom.     150 euro Strategising- Two 75 minute sessions on Zoom.  530 euro Payment Plan is available. Please contact me at    
  • As Above So Below

    Align with your divine timing through Pythagorean arithmosophy and the Cycles of A. Bailey. This is a 3 one hour workshop program . Tuesday 30 and Wednesday 31 July, Thursday 1 August at 11am NY EST or 5pm Rome CET. Choose the price that suits your budget for the entire program.
  • Healing the body

    Pranic Healing can heal most physical ailments. It works wonders with heart conditions, can regenerate the internal organs, balance the body's systems,  bring relief from pain, heal fractures and trauma at a fantastic rate, heal insomnia, hypertension, asthma, in short heal illnesses of all the human systems, the cardiovascular, the digestive, the reproductive, the urinary, the endocrine, the myoskeletal, the nervous system, the immune system and the blood. A healing session with a Zoom meeting is suggested. As long as you purchase the session I will contact you to make an appointment within the next 10 days.  For emergencies please email me at for a quick response. Payment One 75 min session on Zoom    330 euro One distant healing session      150 euro 3 distant healing sessions          440 euro 1 month of healing (8 healing sessions)  1070 euro Daily healing for 1 month         2,200 euro Payment plan available. Please contact me at

    Starts October 8 POLLUX full program 697 euro. Early bird offer ending August 8th, 495 euro Payment plan for early bird available: Pay 195 euro now and make three payments of 100 euro each by August 8th, September 8th and October 8th. You will be receiving links for payments.
  • Business Alchemy

    There are Inner Laws, Laws of Nature that govern all things. Time has qualities, colors have properties, directions have forces. If we follow the Natural Law we can create a dream business. Options One 75 minute meeting on Zoom                        330 euro Two 75 minute meetings on Zoom                      550 euro 1 month of guidance (8 hours on Zoom)*.     2060 euro *This service can be modified to suit your needs, and instead of 8 hours on Zoom be short daily guidance through texting and email. Payment Plan available. Pleasse contact me at
  • Personal arithmosophy reading gift Recording of personal full arithmosophy reading gift 100 euro
  • Discover your Purpose and Plan via Arithmosophy and know yourself deeply. This is a program of short prerecorded audios that will guide you to calculate your Arithmosophy and listen to the interpretations of your numbers by Evita Myriam. The depth and accuracy of this program is such that almost every word will strike home!   Numbers have each a set of qualities. It is almost impossible for one person to have all the qualities of their numbers. It is advisable that you open your mind to receive the information and allow your intuition to guide you for deeper understanding.         Purpose and Plan Program 125 euro.

    100 Pago anticipado hasta el 3 de septiembre  Haz tu reserva anticipada antes del 3 de septiembre, y paga solamente 250 euros por el programa completo. Además, te brindamos la opción de que hagas un pago inicial de 100 euros y luego pagues la segunda cuota de 150 euros antes del 17 de septiembre.  Programa completo después del 3 de septiembre 350 euros    


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