Liberation and healing

The Liberation and Healing Program is a holistic approach to every aspect of your life, and it consists of:

  • 4 one  hour and 30 minutes private online meetings with Evita Myriam, that will focus on healing your life on every level.
    During these meetings, you will receive Pranic Healing if the emphasis of your issues is on healing.
  • A 10 minute audio file for your daily use, that will raise your vibration and help you start the day with energy and inner peace. This will change every week, according to your needs and progress.
  • Access to a platform of short videos that will help you find yourself deeply, according to Pythagorean arithmosophy, the spiritual sciences, theosophy and the Labours of Hercules, that hold the secret to your divine mission.
    This section of the program will help you resonate with the forgotten truth of your life’s plan and purpose, and will hopefully lead you to major life changes that will be supported and guided.

If you are on a busy schedule, you may choose to not follow this section of the program, but receive your private analysis by Evita Myriam, during one of the meetings.

  • Pranic Healing, pranic psychotherapy, and Pranic Advnaced Healing for physical ailments, if you require healing.

Here it must be noted that every human being needs healing, emotional, mental and even physical. Pranic Healing has a rejuvenating effect even on healthy people, lifting much of the weight of a life of problems in one session.

The program will be focused on you, on your needs, your dilemmas and issues. It will help you sleep better, heal your body, emotions, mind and soul.

This program will liberate you from all false goals that society, family, loved ones and friends have imposed on you. You will be able to see what your heart really desires, you will set priorities and receive step by step guidance towards the manifestation of your dreams.


Full program 697 euro


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