Personal arithmosophy reading gift

This year, offer loving awareness, show your loved ones the way. If they are young, cast light upon their life’s purpose, and if they are old, give them the most precious gift for the age of self reflection: understanding.

Help your loved ones take a gentle look upon their lives, and discover that all has happened for a good reason. Help them find their life’s meaning.

Give your friends who are at a crossroads clear guidance through their Soul’s mission.

Give yourself the gift of self forgiveness, self understanding, self love. Appreciate your life by knowing your path.

In this special holiday season offering, Evita Myriam will create a private recording for you or your loved ones.

All you have to do after purchasing the gift is to email at with the full name of the person (as it is at their birth certificate or if you do not know that, at their i.d., including all middle names and surname at birth), and their date of birth. Your recording will be sent to you before the 25th of December or before New Year’s Eve, as you wish.

If you have an earlier date in mind, please mention that in your email.

Happy loving holidays!

Recording of personal full arithmosophy reading gift 100 euro

Personal arithmosophy reading gift

Recording of personal full arithmosophy reading gift 100 euro


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