Wishing Star Program

Do you know what you wish for?  This program will help you focus on your most important wish, the one that will free you and make you happy. Whether it is financial freedom, a loving partner, joy, or good relationships that you desire, this is the program for manifesting your number one wish.
You will find your heart’s desires, align with your purpose, and raise your vibration to the manifest your dreams.

This is an 4 week program for making a major shift towards your true self and finding happiness.

It consists of:

*One 20 minute private meeting with Evita Myriam as soon as possible after registration.

You will be guided and learn your personal divine timing, when is the right time for you, every year, to start a business or project, to enter a relationship, to sign contracts,etc.
This strategising meeting will help you make decisions and calibrate the entire program’s focus, helping you absorb nutritious information for your mind and soul throughout the 4 weeks.

*Two seminars weekly, that will be recorded and sent to you, so that you may not miss a live session.

One of the weekly sessions will be workshops on your arithmosophy, and through these you will be able to understand yourself deeply, unclutter your mind and life of all false goals, suggested to us by our family, friends, society.
You will know your soul’s tendencies and true talents and desires, you will find out about your destination and see how you will change when you grow older.
You will see the positive forces and challenges of your major 4 life cycles, and learn how to neutralise the negative effects.
You will learn how to assess character accurately in a flash, according to an ancient method of Pythagoras.
You will find out about your soul’s mission, by your labour of Hercules.

The other weekly sessions will be visualizations to see the future that is yours according to your soul’s plan,
You will learn how to purify and strengthen your aura, how to live healthy life, how to increase the energy of your home, how to magnetise prosperity and heal your relationships.
You will do meditations to attract your ideal life partner, or make your relationship more loving.

You will also receive a weekly audio that you may listen to daily and raise your vibration. This will teach you precious techniques for instant inner peace.

Payment plan of 3 installments.

Full 4 week program 250 euro


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