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        One on One strategising 40 minute private online meeting with Evita Myriam.
        8 weeks of two sessions per week, recorded and emailed to you to watch at your convenience. 
       10 minute audio files for the daily maintenance of your raised vibration and inner peace. 
        Texting with feedback on your progress and asking for quick advice.

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This is an 8 week program that will guide, support and coach you to make a major shift in your emotional and mental life, and to manifest permanent positive change and inner healing.
The Transformation Program consists of  a private meeting with Evita Myriam and of two sessions per week, which will be recorded and emailed to you to watch at a convenient time.
At first, you will have a strategising meeting with Evita Myriam, to discuss your goals and to receive guidance.
One of the weekly sessions will be guiding you to know yourself deeply, through Pythagorean Arithmosophy. Through these sessions, you will come to understand your life’s cycles, lessons, your soul’s influence and personality, your field of opportunity or destiny, and who you will become after maturity.
You will understand your character and see which qualities you need to cultivate in order to neutralise challenging forces in the future.
You will be able to draft your blueprint and even see the coming events of each year. The way you respond to them is, of course, up to you.
Arithmosophy will help you detach from unrealistic and even undesirable expectations that have been planted in your subconscious by family and society, and will help you find yourself. 
The other of the weekly sessions will be workshops of purification of all inner obstacles and visualisations and meditations on your heart’s desires. By being able to see your desires clearly, you will create a powerful thought which will help you manifest positive change with quick results.
The secret of our purpose is in our hearts, and we can find it through these meditations.
During the entire 8 weeks you will be able to text Evita Myriam, (in moderation), and receive counselling and clarifications.
If you require healing, you can supplement this Program with a Pranic Healing Package. Evita Myriam can advise you as to which is the right package for you.
It is up to you to have one healing only, or a package for the whole eight weeks. 
The prices for Evita Myriam’s healing services are at

Transformation Program

Full program price 787 euro.


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