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Six months of two webinars per week for constant support.

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10 minute audio files for daily maintenance of your high vibration.

 Access to a platform with all your arithmosophy and the methods of doing it for others.

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This is a six month program that will guide, support and coach you to making a major shift in your emotional, mental and physical life.

Evita Myriam is an expert in arithmosophy and other spiritual sciences, also an experienced Pranic Healer and Arhatic Yogi. She knows techniques that will help you attain inner peace, love, happiness, and get a clear view of your purpose. She can help you unclutter your life and mind of all that is unnecessary, energy consuming and not according to your heart’s desires, and will guide you to manifesting your goals..

This program is composed of two sessions weekly, one of which will be a workshop of arithmosophy, with which you will be able to draft the blueprint of your life, and lectures on optimising your energy levels and the energy of your home and work space, raising your vibration and keeping it high, and the other which will be a deep healing, meditation and visualization session, that will show you your heart’s desires and purpose.

All sessions will be recorded and emailed to you,whether you are able to attend live or not.

Know Your lifes purpose, the blueprint of your life , and your divine timing. 

Magnetize prosperity and remove all inner obstacles.

Magnetize your soul mate, learn how to be carefree and happy. 

More analytically:

In this program you will find out about your Pythagorean arithmosophy, your Life Path or Purpose number, your Soul influence, Personality, Destination and Attainment or Maturity numbers.

You will see your personal major life cycles positive forces and challenges, and learn how to heal them.

You will find out your Pythagoras’ arrows, and learn how to accurately assess character in a flash.

You will discover your Soul’s mission through your labor of Hercules.

You will draft the timetable of your life’s events and learn how to do your best to neutralize karma, in a simple, peaceful way.

You will be taught techniques for healing your relationships and attracting a life patrner.

You will learn to purify your body, home, office, and how to make its energy attract good health, love and prosperity.

You will learn how to magnetize prosperity yourself and together, we will crush all poverty consciousness of all kinds.

You will learn how to switch into inner peace in a few seconds.

You will meditate deeply and bless the earth, your loved ones and your projects, for wellbeing and success.

You will learn how to visualize your future and find your inner life plan.

You will learn how to know with your body the answers to your questions.

This 6 month lifechanger program starts on October 30.

Transformation Program

Full program price 2040 euro.

Payment plan : Six monthly installments of 400 euro per month (total of 2400 euro).



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