The chrysalis program

This is a package of 8 healings that will help heal your body, emotions, mind and soul. It will help you know yourself deeply and will offer you support, guidance, healing.

All areas of your life will be brought into harmony, you will focus on happiness, harmony, inner peace, however busy your schedule may be. You will find your purpose and learn easy techniques for acquiring peace at any circumstances, also techniques for self healing and for prosperity.


This program will help  you heal,  find balance,  talk,  receive guidance,  learn how to improve your finances and navigate your life,  heal your relationships,  meditate, or to access all of these, according to your requirements.

More about Pranic Healing

Pranic Healing Psychotherapy is strongly suggested for all, unless there is a physicalisation of the inner problems that has led to ailments such as hypertension, thyroid problems, heart ailments, arthritis, back pains, headaches, insomnia, impotence, loss of hair, etc., in which cases the protocol for the ailment will be applied, in combination with Psychotherapy.

These are usually easily healed by Pranic Healing.

Illnesses such as dementia are very much aided in stopping their progress and even improving, through Pranic Healing.

The patient is able to go through the ailment without the severe anxiety and stress, memory is improved and inner peace and happiness are back in their life.

For autoimmune illnesses, there can be symptom relief and perhaps even healing, but these are karmic in nature and the patient has to be very receptive and follow guidance in order to find out if the illness can be healed permanently. To have the chance of healing of an autoimmune illness, the patient must cooperate fully, be willing to forgive, let go, move on, forget, to give money to charities related to the issue, to purify with daily techniques that will be short and easy to follow.

Evita Myriam is paid for her time and expertise, not for the outcome of the healing. Yet, she has experienced mostly successes in her healing career, and most cases are easy to heal.

It is good to remember that Pranic Healers do not make their income from illness, but from healing. Pranic Healing is completely natural, non invasive and subtle.


8 Meetings 1000 euro.


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