Knowledge brings freedom from fear

In this 3 day live on Zoom, on the 7th, 9th and 9th of May at 14:00 NY, or 20:00 Rome, Evita Myriam will help you discover and remember
your true spiritual self.
Knowing who we really are, and the extent of support that exists for us in the Higher Planes, seeing
indisputable proof of a divine plan for each of us,not only disintigrates fear, but also inspires with
Purpose, meaning, and floods our aura with healing.

Knowledge brings new energies new people, new opportunity.
Knowing where we are as humanity, our present phase and goals, infuses our lives with positive change.

In these 3 independent seminars,  you will be given precious teachings ,some of which cannot be found elsewhere.

Although these are Higher Teachings, they will be easy to understand, given in a simple way. Everything is given to us from above, and Evita Myriam has learned from the best.

Her 12 year research and original proofs of arithmosophy offer indisputable proof of a divine plan for each of us.




Knowledge is precious and is to be collected carefully, if we are to be able to reach our own conclusions that will set us free. As soon as our path is clear to us, we can manifest with ease.

 Free and Open to all.

When: May 7th, 8th, 9th at 13:00 Ecuador, 14:00 NY, 15:00 Brazil, 20:00 Rome, 21:00 Athens.

Zoom i.d. 929 570 9027