Spiritual Pilgrimage to Patmos

This journey will not only be an amazing travel to the island where St John wrote the Apocalypse, but an inner journey to find your purpose, and to renew yourself and raise your vibration to a new level of joy and great vitality.

You will have to fly to Athens and arrive on the evening of the 1st of July, sleep overnight in Athens, and be at the airport again on the 2nd for a flight to Samos. In Samos, the island of Pythagoras, we will have a short tour and lunch and then take the boat that will take us to Patmos.

Patmos can only be reached by boat. It is elegant and exclusive and is among the most beautiful islands of Greece.

Our accommodations are at the 5 star Aktis Suites & Spa Hotel, with suites that have their own pool, or beautiful rooms with a sea view, or a view to the mountains. The hotel is situated right on the beach.

The prices are very affordable, considering what is being offered. You will have an 8% discount that will be emailed to you upon registration to the Spiritual Pilgrimage. It will be in the form of a link where you can make your reservations. Prices are about 1000 euro for the entire 7 days nights, for two people in a room.

After paying the retreat fee you will have reserved your place at the Spiritual Pilgrimage to Patmos. Then you will immediately receive the 8% discount voucher and the link where you can make reservations.

f you are willing to share a room with another attendee, please declare interest. Finding someone to share a room with is not guaranteed. This is a practice often done in retreats of a spiritual nature, where rules of ethical conduct and politeness are naturally observed.

Once we arrive in Patmos we shall have dinner and a walk around the town.
The next morning we will start our day with a one hour session of life coaching and arithmosophy right after our healthy and abundant breakfast, which is included in the room price.

After our session in the hotel small conference room, we shall go to the beach and have a beautiful meditation.
Each day we will have an hour of learning after breakfast, then a meditation at the beach, or at a special place near the beach guarded by monks.

We will of course visit the grotto where St John wrote the Apocalypse, that is now a chapel.

Then we will have fun! We will go around the island on horseback, riding local ponies, or take a caique ride to little nearby islets with crystal turquoise waters, and have lunch at a tavern on the beach.
A guided tour at the island’s inspiring monastery will bring you in the center of the island’s soul.
The island has a few elegant stores for shopping, and a couple of gourmet restaurants that we can visit.
We will have an air conditioned minibus for our tours, but the island is small and we will be able to take lovely walks in the beautiful streets.

In the evening we will gather at the hotel pool area and have visualizations that will propel us to our heart’s desires, share impressions, or have half hour of private consultation with Evita Myriam, reserved in advance.

After 7 evenings in Patmos, we shall return to Samos and from there to Athens. You shall have to spend an evening in Athens unless you have a late evening direct flight to the country of your destination.

If you spend the evening in Athens, we can perhaps have a lovely goodbye dinner at a restaurant in town, perhaps with a view to the Acropolis.This depends on the hour of arrival in Athens, and is subject to the ferry hours that are now not yet open.

After a year of restrictions, finding the carefree existence of our early youth, grounding into sacred earth and releasing old energies and patterns of liming beliefs, meditating and finding our purpose in life, will be a gift unlike any other.

You will find your purpose and bloom, you will let the years 2020 and 2021 drop off your shoulders like an old coat, and a new you will emerge, radiant and closer to your heart.

The 995 fee covers only the services of Evita Myriam. Hotel, transportation and other expenses are not included.

Evita Myriam* or her company are not responsible for any accident, loss, or damage you may suffer during or because of this travel. You can participate at the Spiritual Pilgrimage to Patmos under the condition that you purchase travel insurance for your entire trip.
Evita Myriam will, via a travel agency, make reservations for ferry boat rides in Greece, and will bring you in contact with a travel agent for reservations for the flights to and from the island of Samos.
The Spiritual Pilgrimage to Patmos retreat fees will be fully and immediately refunded, in case of covid related restrictions, or other major government imposed restrictions by the Greek government or your country or state.
*E. Myrianthopoulou, a.k.a. Evita Myriam, is the owner of the company Evangelia Myrianthopoulou Alternative Healing and Arithmosophy Seminars, based in Ag. Marina, Athens, Greece.

995.00  life coaching fee

This journey will not only be an amazing travel to the island where St John wrote the Apocalypse, but an inner journey to find your purpose, and to renew yourself and raise your vibration to a new level of joy and great vitality.


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