Relationship healing

I can help your relationship with your husband, partner, child, or parent heal, become more peaceful, loving, sweet. I can remove the negative energies from the past trauma between you and help you have another chance after a separation, provided there is love and the will of both parties to be well together.


One healing session on Zoom including guidance  330 euro

One distant healing session                                            150 euro

Three distant healing sessions                                       440 euro

Payment Plan available. Please contact me at

Relationships, especially in marriage, are often a field of trial. Master Choa Kok Sui has said that if a Soul wishes to evolve, they need to get married, for in marriage there is ample opportunity for exercising patience, compassion, understanding, forgiveness and self control;.

The first passion always transmutes itself into something else, often to a deeper love and commitment. Yet sometimes rough phases in the life of the couple make the possibility of separation visible.

Relationships between parents and children, especially adolescents, can also be very difficult. Most relationships are karmic.

Pranic Healing can heal your relationships and restore peace. Yet when this peace and reconciliation comes (not guaranteed but very probable especially when there is still love and when the healing takes place not too long after a separation or argument), there has to be some peaceful discussion, good will and awareness.
Without awareness there can be no permanent healing. Pranic Healing can remove all the negative energies and emotions but you have to do the work of communicating properly with your partner, child or parent.

if you wish to receive more knowledge on the compatibility of your relationship through arithmosophy and to see how to heal the problem more permanently through awareness, One healing with meeting on Zoom and guidance is for you. I will look into the challenges you are both facing and advise you on how to neutralisze them. Pythagoras’ Arrows is a Pythagorean method that sheds light on the personality challenges of each human being and helps us find the balance that heals.



Evita Myriam is paid for her time and for her dedication to healing her patients. Healing cannot be guaranteed, as results depend upon the patient’s receptivity to the healing and to the healer and to karmic factors. Evita Myriam a.k.a. Evangelia Myrianthopoulou is not responsible for any adverse effects that may result from the healing, and although she has never had any patient who had adverse reactions, it is a possibility and it depends entirely upon the patient’s receptivity or habits.

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