Pythagoras’ Arrows

It may take us many years of soul searching to discover that which we will find about ourselves within a few minutes in this accurate, beautiful method of Pythagoras, the Father of Mathematics.

In this 2 hour workshop you will see which characteristic or pattern of behaviour you need to balance or change for a healthy and happy life. You will be able to reassess your past, present and future.

You will learn how others see themselves and be able to evaluate character in a flash.

You will understand others deeply and this will give you the tool to heal your relationships with family members, loved ones, friends.

You will learn which qualities to balance in order to neutralise karma.

Αt the end of the workshop you will be guided to a visualization that will help you assimilate your new understanding into your life.

Your questions will be answered and further personal interpetations will be offered.


The workshop will be on May 23rd at 3pm NY EST or 9 pm Rome CET.

Recordings will be sent to all who register.




Pythagoras’ Arrows workshop.      50 euro


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