This service offers One on One guidance for major decisions, changes, life purpose, arithmosophy, energy Feng Shui and Your Divine Timing. It can be used to heal a relationship, to help connect with your soul for guidance, to make business decisions and to find dates, names, the meaning of an address, an auspicious time to begin anything, and to help design or make changes in homes, offices, and design logos and products for maximum profitability, happiness, creativity.

It consists of private 1 hour 15 minutes online meetings with Evita Myriam to suit your needs.


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1 session 150 euro

2 sessions 270 euro

3 sessions 360 euro

More sessions can be arranged until a project is completed.
The price for a package of 4 sessions or more is at 120 euro per session.
You can contact Evita Myriam at or reserve a free 15 minute
online meeting to discuss your requirements and find the right program for you.



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