Mystery school of arithmosophy

This is a School for the seeker and lover of Truth. In this very informed and esoteric Mystery School, you can attend fascinating seminars that wil help you know yourself deeply through the spiritual sciences, and help you find your purpose and perhaps have a glimpse at the Divine Plan.

It consists of the following main sessions, and many free ones that arise according to the energies of the times.

1. Esoteric arithmosophy

2. Life Path number- our purpose

3. Soul and Personality

4. Destiny and Attainment

5. Major 4 Life Cycles

6. Personal Year

7. Neutralizing karma

8. Pythagoras’ arrows

9. Timetable of Events of our life

10. Natural Cycles/ The Hierarchy of Light

11. The Labors of Hercules / our mission

Mystery school of arithmosophy


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