Magnetizing Prosperity

This is a program that will help you remove inner obstacles that prevent you from prosperity, success, wealth.

It includes the recording of a lecture on how to create ideal Feng Shui for prosperity at home and office, and on how to magnetise prosperity,

A guided visualization that will help you find your heart’s desires and attract the outcome you want,

An audio of affirmations for prosperity,

The reading of your chart that will show you the Divine Timing we all have, according to our birthdate.
This will give you a precious timetable that will be valid for every year of your life, by which you will have the forces that are active in each of the 7 cycles of your year, thus knowing which periods of time are great for prosperity, which for love, for signing contracts, for travel, etc.,
This chart is especially valuable because, according to the spiritual sciences, it is not only auspicious to do things at our Divine Timing,
but also may result in failure if we do them in the wrong window of time.

Full program and chart 180 euro

Once you purchase this program, please email the day and month of your birth, so that your Cycles’ chart can be drafted.


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