Letter by letter

According to Pythagoras (6thc. B.C.), the Father of Mathematics who brought the numerals to the world, “all Truth may be obtained through numbers”.

Pythagoras gave us tables of correspondences for the Greek alphabet to numbers, andthe Tibetan Master, Lord Djwhal Kuhl gave us the Latin alphabet tables of correspondences by which to calculate the truth in any name, word, verse.

According to both Great Men, our life’s purpose can be found in the number of our name, and our name contains all the information of our life’s mission.

In this 2 hour workshop we will see the esoteric meaning of each letter, and learn how this affects our lives through our name.

We will also find the number of our purpose, see the multiple meanings this may haveand find the ones that resonate deeply to us. We each have our own purpose which can be known by a sudden expansion of our heart chakra, our heart opens when we visualize those plans that have been designed by our Soul.

The 2 hour workshop will take place online on Zoom on Saturday April 22, at 10 am NY EST or 3pm Rome CET or 4pm Athens EET, or 6:30 pm Mumbai IST.

The recording will be sent to all who register

“Letter by letter” workshop     50 euro


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