Do you know your life’s purpose? Did you know that there is a method created  by Pythagoras, the Ancient Greek philosopher, Father of Mathematics, by

which we may know our purpose, know the blueprint of our lives?

Pythagoras taught that there are Namemakers in the Higher Planes, who name us before we are born, thus giving us the code by which to know our purpose.

The Soul does not support compromise, only what is intended and best for us.

Knowing Ourselves has been the loving command of Apollo, Jesus, the Buddha, and all great Spiritual Teachers. And the science for Knowing oneself is arithmosophy.

Evita Myriam, who has made the discovery of the Proofs of the Namemakers, of the Archangels’ Proof and many other arithmosophy proofs and who has given

the name “esoteric arithmosophy” to the ancient method, offers the following  services for the seeker:



It includes: Your life path, your character assessment, life’s purpose, soul’s desires, field of opportunity or destiny, who you will become when you grow older, your

Pythagoras’ arrow (karma), your 4 major life cycles, their positive forces and challenges.

Your soul’s mission.


*Your life Path and who you will become after the age of 49. An excellent gift for people over 50. It sheds light upon our changes, making it obvious that we do not lose ourselves as we age, rather we “download” another plan that serves our soul’s purpose.


*Your life’s current 9 year cycle- positive forces and challenges and how to neutralise them.


* The events of the next 15 years of your life. (Each year has different events in store for you. How you respond to them is up to you entirely).


*Your Purpose and Soul’s mission. (For your soul’s mission, you need to know your ascendant or to give to us your time and place of birth, along with your full name at birth and birthdate).


All five products require that you email your full name at birth and your birthdate at after payment.  For your Soul’s mission, you need to also give us your ascendant, or the time and place of your birth. Soon after you email us your data, you will receive a video with your reading. 

Your personal data will never be shared with anyone for any reason.

Evita Myriam and her company, Alternative healing and arithmosophy seminars, are not responsible for any damage of any kind that may ensue from the readings. Harmlessness is one of Evita Myriam’s aims in life, and her readings and assessments are based on ancient teachings and therefore she is not responsible for any misinterpretations or for the consequences of decisions that the client may make based on them.

Know Your Purpose


Full arithmosophy   120 euro

Life Path & Maturity  50 euro

9 year cycle              50 euro

15 year events          50 euro

 Purpose & Mission    50 euro



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