Know Your purpose, your life path, true field of opportunity, who you will become when you age, your life cycles and the positive forces and challenges, your Pythagoras’ Arrows, character, year events and Divine Timing,
And then Remove All Inner Obstacles, see your heart’s desire clearly, and Energize Your Plan with success!
In this 3 week program, we shall seek, find and transform ourselves in 3 weekly workshops for 3 weeks. You will be also given a daily 7 minute audio to maintain your vibration.
All sessions will be recorded and sent to you.

Each workshop will last a little less than 2 hours and it will include two parts: The first part will be a workshop for finding something about yourself through Pythagorean arithmosophy and other spiritual sciences. In the second part we will use an energy technique to remove all inner obstacles from your wellbeing, and then I will guide you to a visualisation for finding your heart’s desires, and for energising that new clear plan for a faster manifestation.


Here are the main subjects of the sessions:


  1. Your Life Path, who you are, what you are here to do, your Purpose. 
  1. Your Soul tendencies, Your Personality and your Destiny, or Field of Opportunity. Where you will thrive. Your Attainment or Maturity number, who you will tend to become as you age.
  1. Your 4 major life cycles and their positive forces and challenges. How to neutralise the challenges.
  1. Your Pythagoras’ Arrows. Learn to assess character in a flash. See what you need to do or change for success.
  1. Your Wishes. Now that we know ourselves deeply we strategies.
  1. Your Divine Timing. Qualities of events. (Events of each year can be intuited. Their qualities are given. How you respond to them makes all the difference).
  1. Your Soul’s mission Your Labor of Hercules and Sacred Geography, the countries and cities where your mission blooms.
  1. Personal Year and Cycles according to the Spiritual Hierarchy.
  1. Synthesis of all we have learned, finding our One Power Position to energise daily.




Catch the early bird -till August 7th, which is only 250 euro for the full program.  There is the additional option for a 100 euro downpayment with second instalment of 150 euro till September 17th, a week after the commencement of the program.


After August 7th,  350 euro for the full program.

Full Program 350 euro.   

For your own Payment Plan, contact us at


 You have the right to be happy!

Early bird till August 7th 250 euro for the full program.

Option for 100 euro downpayment available. Remaining 150 euro to be paid till September 17th. 

Full program after August 7th 350 euro.




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